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"We just can't get enough!"


"It's like... well, rehearsingis almost as much fun as


"We're just movin' and groovin' in four part harmony!"


"I like to perform so much that when I open the fridge door and the light goes on, I do a 20 minute set!"


Together, we hope to bring back  the intensity and dramatic drive of bands of Yesteryear for all occasions.  One More Time is not only a concept but also a reality.

Rob Langdon                             Shelley Miller


Freelancing was fun.  Doing our own thing is a lot more fun... and that's why all of us agreed that it was time to work together One More Time.   With four lead vocalists that play instruments:  Rob (drums), Shelley( bass), Sharon (percussion), Gerry (guitar & flute) and Don (keyboards), our band sounds much larger than it is.  Constant rehearsing keeps our arranged medleys slick and tight.  For larger parties, we can offer the addition of a single saxophone or a fully arranged 3 piece horn section.